How versatile and customizable emtrion's modules and baseboards are is also demonstrated by the successful attempt to use the SBC SAMA5D36 and the emSTAMP Helium as an Ethernet-CAN-Gateway.

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Internet of Things is a very present topic today. We want everything connected and monitored when and where we like. And just like everything, we want to keep it simple. Therefore, we have our SBC-SAMA5D36 IOT_EXT developer kit. It provides ready to use WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity and  six I/O connectors that comply with the Grove sensor system from Seeed.

The following article gives a short overview on how to use and customize the product to your own needs.

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Today we released a beta version of a new root file system for the SBC-SAMA5D36. The main changes are a new Kernel Version and the use of systemd as init system. The Kernel version is 4.9 and is a longterm maintained kernel (see this page for more information). Systemd has some advantages over sysv like parallel start of services (if possible), delaying of the start until a service or device is really needed, and it is compatible to the old sysv init scripts. Systemd also has some other advantages like builtin monitoring of running services and restart of them if they crash or stop working and also better dependency handling of services.

Use this beta release at your own risk. There are some known issues and mabye also some unknown ones. We will stabilize this release during the next weeks and bring out a stable release. Please find the release under following link:

Link to Beta RootFS

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