SBC-SAMA5D36: Linux Yocto and Qt Update

The SBC-SAMA5D36 is based on the Microchip ATSAMA5D36 processor and supports the Linux operating system. The previous Linux version Yocto Dizzy (1.7) has now been replaced by the current version Yocto Sumo 2.5.3. Read the details in the following article.

The SBC-SAMA5D36 is based on the ATSAMA5D36 board from Microchip. It supports open source software development with a fully functional Linux kernel. With the emtrion single board computers and embedded solutions, the customer has the flexibility to start with the development at a lightning speed and create convenient tailored solutions. Owing to the fast developing world of embedded systems, recent new solutions call for an update in the current product; to provide the customer with a more reliable and updated solution.

emtrions SBC-SAMA5D36

The previous Yocto version for the product is Yocto Dizzy (1.7), first launched in 2014. In the past 5 years lots of changes have been implemented in the Yocto project repositories and the latest version that can be accessed is Warrior (2.7). However, the product is from Microchip and taking into consideration the tests and development by the chip provider, the last stable release for the "meta-atmel" layer is based on the version Sumo (2.5.3). So it has been decided to update the project to the Yocto Sumo version 2.5.3, offering a stable and updated environment for the product. emtrion provides two Yocto layers to add the necessary functions: "meta-emtrion" and "meta-emtrion-bsp" layers.

While the meta-emtrion layer provides a general layer for all the functions common to our entire product range, the meta-emtrion-bsp layer, as the name suggests is board specific. emtrion also provides a setup script for creating the Yocto development environment and a development manual, which acts as the starting point for using Yocto project with the single board computer.
The Linux Kernel version is sourced from the LTS mainline and the used version is 4.9.181. The support for this version is scheduled to run till 2023 and will ensure a stable product. The Linux update is implemented with an updated device tree as well as the configuration file of the Kernel, to suit the SBC-SAMA5D36 board.

While the earlier revision had provided the user with a Qt4 development environment, Qt5 is the one used in the updated layers, with the version used being Qt 5.10.1.
The U-boot system implemented in the board is also scheduled to be updated to a newer revision soon.

Tests have been conducted for the hardware and software interfaces to ascertain the effects of the changes implemented. The device retains all the previous functionalities, along with updated drivers and software versions, with required patches to provide a more reliable system. The updated layers, Yocto setup script, kernel images and manual will be provided by emtrion shortly.