New SBC-SAMA5D36 developer kit presentation

Emtrion is pleased to announce the availability of its new SBC (Single Board Computer) based on the new SoC ‘ATSAMA5D36’ from Atmel.

The SBC is composed of a single ARM Cortex-A5 core CPU running at 536MHz, 256MB of DDR2-SDRAM, 512MB of SLC NAND Flash and 8 MB NOR Flash. The available peripherals are 2xUSB 2.0 Host, 1xUSB 2.0 Device, 1xGbit Ethernet, 1x100Mbit Ethernet, 1xLCD connector, 1xHDMI connector and more than 40 fully configurable I/Os on its expansion connectors.

With its compact size (135mm x 74mm x 15mm (LxWxH)) and its low power consumption (only 200mA @ 5V typ), the SBC-SAMA5D36 is the perfect low-power prototyping board with industry quality. Thanks to its optional extended temperature (-40°C to 85°C) and its 4 mounting holes, the board can also be directly integrated into your industrial project.

This board is targeting various industrial field applications. With its Lithium battery charger, the board can be used as battery powered device. It can also connect with several industrial busses via its expansion board: CAN, RS-232/485, Soft Modem Device, SPI, I²C… The user interaction is not only composed by 4 LEDs and 2 Push Buttons, but also with the LCD connector that can output a WVGA resolution on a 7” LCD screen with no extra external power supply for the display! And if the LCD display is too small for the application, the HDMI connection makes it possible to output on a standard PC monitor with no extra software required!

When it comes to Security, the Atmel SAMA5D6 SOC handles the most common tools. It supports the Secure Hash Algorithm, a True Random Number Generator, encryption engines (AES, TDS) and the Atmel Secure Boot Solution.

The SBC comes with a full free open source software package composed by a U-Boot bootloader and various Embedded Linux distributions. It can boot up from an onboard micro-SDCard or the NAND Flash. For more reliability, the board can also boot up from the onboard NOR Flash. Even though a 20pin ARM JTAG connector is present on the board, there are no special hardware tools needed to program the board. You can either update the software by copying it to the micro-SDCard with your computer or program the NAND flash using the free Atmel SAM-BA tool ( and a simple USB cable! A full Software/Hardware documentation is provided by Emtrion.

The board can be powered by either the USB 2.0 Device connector or by a 5V @ 1A power supply on the barrel connector. The serial debug interface connection is fully compliant with the famous FTDI USB to TTL serial cable (3.3V). All of these advantages give a developer friendly SBC where only a laptop is needed to start developing.

With an active open source development, Atmel provides the latest and the greatest in term of Linux development. Which means, in term of the Linux Kernel, everything is available on the official Linux repository and so for the bootloader U-Boot. Emtrion provides the configuration files of the SBC to rebuild any software from the official repository. The board features the latest development in terms of Linux data structure for describing the hardware so that for changing the behavior of a pin there is no need to recompile the Kernel but instead update the Device tree file (

The SBC-SAMA5D36 comes with different Embedded Linux flavors. It currently supports the latest Debian 8.0 (Jessie) distribution for a quickly setup development environment and a package manager ( or the tailored embedded Linux project, Yocto ( and the uClibc based embedded Linux tool generation: Buildroot (