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XBMC Media Center on DIMM-MX6

 11. April 2014, by david.dueck
Categories: Software, Displays, Linux, i.MX6, embedded

The i.MX6 is a platform well-suited for multimedia applications. It features a powerful video processing unit (VPU) and can decode full-hd video without problems.

To showcase the capabilities of the i.MX6 emtrion created a demo using the popular XBMC media center. It plays videos, whether from local storage, sites like Youtube or TV streaming sites. It can be controlled via a comfortable Android app.Thanks to the efforts of the active free software community around the i.MX6, all this works seamlessly with our Debian-based BSP for DIMM-MX6.

The source code for this can be found at

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Video Walkthrough: Eclipse on DIMM-MX6

 24. March 2014, by david.dueck
Categories: Software, Linux, Eclipse, i.MX6, embedded

This video (no audio) shows all the necessary steps needed to start cross development with Eclipse, beginning with the unboxing of emtrion's DIMM-MX6 development kit.

You will see how to download and install Eclipse in our Virtual Machine, build a project and debug it remotely on the i.MX6 via an SSH connection.

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LVDS on i.MX6

 17. March 2014, by stephan.schuler
Categories: Hardware, Displays, i.MX6

The i.MX6 series application processors from Freescale are a good choice for industrial and automotive applications requiring high multimedia performance. With the support of up to four simultaneously usable display ports the i.MX6 is also suitable for multi-display solutions or applications for high display resolutions.

Besides the conventional parallel 24-Bit RGB interface, there are also one HDMI, one MIPI DSI and two LVDS interfaces available. In this article we focus on the LVDS interfaces of the dual- and quad-core variants of the i.MX6 and explain the possible display configurations.


In the dual- and quad-core configuration, the i.MX6 comes with two Image Processing Units (IPU). Each IPU has two display ports which can be configured to send the image data either to the parallel RGB port or to the serializer bridges (HDMI, MIPI or LVDS).

LVDS on i.MX6

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Welcome to emtrion's Blog

 14. March 2014, by stephan.schuler
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Stay informed about the latest news of emtrion!

  • Announcement of new products and services
  • Technical information about emtrion products
  • Information about latest technologies in the embedded market
  • Events and Others

About emtrion

emtrion, based in Karlsruhe Germany, assists customers during all stages of the development process and integration. From hardware and firmware design, through software development up to mass production made in Germany.

All modules are pin-to-pin compatible, allowing the user to migrate easily between the modules and the longevity of up to 10 years, makes the modules suitable specially for industrial applications.

emtrion simplifies the development of innovative products, offering several types of CPU modules (SOM) based on latest-generation ARM CPU´s.

The modules are provided with operating system (Linux, Windows®CE, Windows®Embedded Compact 7 and 2013, QNX or Android®), along with ready-to-use BSP.

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